Reiki Level 2 Certification Course

Do you desire to further pursue Reiki teaching and to develop a stronger Reiki channel? The Reiki Level Two Certification Course is available as the next step in your Reiki education.

This Reiki Level Two course enables you to:
• Become a more powerful Reiki channel.
• Work with the sacred Reiki symbols.
• Treat yourself and others on mental and spiritual levels.
• Work on your personal growth and get closer to your true self.
• Deal with certain repetitive themes in your life.
• Get a better insight into situations in the past, present and future.
• Give distant Reiki treatments.
• Become a professional certified Reiki practitioner.

The course will be held on two consecutive days, starting on a date that suits you. Just contact Pauline! CURRENTLY NO COURSES OR TREATMENTS. WE ARE NOT IN INDONESIA AT THE MOMENT. KINDLY LOOK FOR ANOTHER REIKI MASTER, THANK YOU.

Day 1: 10.00-17.00 uur
Day 2: 10.00-13.00 uur

Price: Rp. 3,750,000
We can only accept cash payment at this time.

Tea, drinking water and small snacks are provided. 
The maximum number of participants is eight.

Please note: The Reiki Level Two course can NOT be followed immediately after the Reiki Level One course. A minimum interval period of three months between the two courses is required to allow enough time to practise your Reiki Level One skills.

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